S025. Soul Love gives me the spiritual sense to stand firmly on the ground with both feet and to think: I LIVE !!


I am married myself, so is he. He even has children, but from day 1 that we were sitting in the pub by chance, after a day of work, it was hit. Both of us were later in the car and could only think of one thing: “wow, this is impossible.” But it happened. Just had no contact, but now super intensive. Saying a single glance or even saying nothing on the phone is enough. And it’s not even just our soul, we even look alike in appearance. We have decided to continue together, we MUST not let go of this perfect feeling. When we are together, the room is illuminated by us. Good friends who see me again after a while ask me why I beam so much, it is just the same with him. I have found my soul love, I will not let this go. I never thought I’d get to know the man I already know I want to grow old with. My world was upside down. My body hurts when I think of him. I cannot express in words how great this feeling is. Yes, it is a desire, but not only sexually. I have found my challenge in him, understanding each other without words, yet feeling a tingling without touch. My life is more intense, happier, better.
My partner will not understand what soul love is and what it means to me. It is now a totally wrong period to end a relationship, but in 2006 it must be stopped. I will not tell him that I have come to know my soul love. The relationship is there and it will not go away.
We both have a steady partner and he is a bit more stuck than me. A high mountain to climb, but we support each other. We both realize that being together is more important than our current life, no matter how painful that will become.
We want a love relationship together as partners. In our eyes the perfect step. To be well together, the whole story must be right. It is still difficult now. Fortunately we both have a job that makes it possible to see each other regularly, but the intervening periods are too long in our eyes, two days is sometimes too much. There is a lot of discontent in both home situations. But we have the future …
My soul love has optimized my life, gives me the challenge to make life surprising, soul love gives me the spiritual sense to stand firmly on the ground with both feet and think: I LIVE !!
The best thing about this love of my soul is our first appointment, after we both had to admit that there was more than jitters and excitement of an extra-marital relationship, that there was a lot of recognition from one to the other. And when we saw each other again at that moment, that feeling of nerves and uncertainty suddenly disappeared and we knew for sure. Long talk, lots of laughs and nothing but talking about our future. From that moment everything has been clear to us.
Oh yes also eroticism is different, such as not having to report what you like, the other person already knows this.
I cannot put into words what exactly soul love means to me, but a feeling that comes to mind and that the load is somewhat covered INTENSE.
What I would also like to say is: people, don’t be afraid of your feelings! Don’t walk away for (your) soul love. Cut the knots, chase the bullet through the church, choose each other. Life is too short to NOT enjoy. You can be dead tomorrow and if you realize that, will you not regret it terribly that you did not take the step? !! Take a break, think about your future. Talk to your soul love about his / her feelings. Talk about us, together, we. Is this it? Then go for it. Mountains are there to be climbed, no sea too deep to descend into, no trip too far to make. DO IT and live YOUR life !!