S024. It went very deep


I was looking for a walking buddy and met a woman, we wanted to walk 80km and practice for that. It clicked from the start, we could chat about everything and it seemed as if we could already meet. It felt safe and very secure, we didn’t want to stop walking and just talk. It went deep, it seemed as if we complemented each other and whether one felt when the other did not go well. Until we had finished and returned to the daily world. She was married and I had children and my activities, but especially her wife was the problem, she did not understand us and it seemed more like cheating to her. In order to keep in touch, we had to do everything in secret. Out of respect for their marriage I put an end to our relationship, I have met a soul love but if that comes at the expense of their earthly life, then I can’t live with it. I trust in the future and perhaps in a life hereafter, no matter how much it hurts me now.