Q1374. Confusion?


A year ago I met my twinflame. I did not know the concept of twinflame yet, but I immediately felt that it was a special encounter, I thought this is him. Coincidentally I came across the concept of twinflame via the internet and gradually it became clear to me that I was dealing with soul love. It was an intense year with a lot of attraction and rejection. He has dated this year with different women, which ultimately turned out to be nothing. This year I couldn’t focus on anyone but him and myself. Despite the other women in the game, I continued to feel the strong bond and I always recognized him. Since a few weeks I have more and more often noticed that I no longer recognize him. Only when we looked at each other, I felt that from head to toe in my whole body. I feel that feeling less and less often, sometimes it seems like a total stranger to me. He uses a lot of drugs (smoking) lately, could it have something to do with it? Or is it just a phase of the process? Has anyone experienced this too? I notice it makes me very sad .. Especially the idea that maybe it was all an illusion that I imagined the entire Twin Soul Story …

Answer 1
Blowing or drinking alcohol obscures the mind. So it may well be that you no longer feel it as before. My twinflame does both of these things and is no longer “pure” at those moments. Hi is then completely guided by his instincts and feeling. They may be fair but it still feels impure. He used to anesthetize himself, and I understand that. Yet I hope that he finds the strength to stop doing it and to deal with his feelings and sadness in a different way.