S015. The most difficult thing for us is attracting and repelling


He is someone I had never seen and still don’t know. We realized at the same time that something very special was going on. It was a thunderbolt in a clear sky, an indescribable experience, a lightning strike. Pain and a blissful feeling together, I immediately knew it was supernatural. I did not initially tell my partner because I did not understand it myself. I have not really told him yet, he is not open to it.
My soul love and I have never talked about our relationship, it is not necessary because we talk at the soul level. We both know it is mutual.
The difficulty list for us is attracting and repelling, the feeling is too great, we are both married. We have to let it go but it doesn’t work so well. We now only have a soul relationship and that is not satisfactory for us. I would prefer a relationship with him and I think he would like to, but we cannot separate ourselves from our family.
Soul love first brings happy moments, now terrible pain that doesn’t fade away. The best thing is that we understand each other without words, infinite love. Deep love that never disappears , pain because we have to let go of each other.
We were about to continue together, but the relationship with our partners prevented that. The appeal is still there, I can’t stop it. Although we see each other very little and have never talked about it. It is still attracting and repelling. No, I have a relationship that is not so great, but I know that I will never come across such love, I have to take enough with less. How can you let go of someone who gives you so much love, it is the most terrible thing in my life. I feel so alone even though I have a man who loves me very much. How can I let go of someone I know I will never forget?