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Hello everyone I do not understand something, I have already read many books about soul love, twinflames, complementary souls, twin rays well I do not know how to call it all it is really super confused !!! They all say something different and I suspect the truth is somewhere in between !! Do we really only have 1 real complementary soul as stated in a book and are twinflames part of our original soul but is our other half something else ?? I don’t get it at all, the more I investigate the more complicated it gets, I also think somewhere that we cannot discover the complete truth yet, it is too early. But according to me, I know 1 thing, I think there is only 1 real love that you encounter during different lifetimes .. What do you think? What is it really like and are we split up several times and are there multiple twinflames or is there only 1 and what is the original purpose of the weather! see .. And you just know for sure if that person is your twin or not, can it not be that you meet someone and feel wow this is it but in retrospect it turns out not to be so? Life is 1 mystery and I think you never know for sure but the truth in your heart must help you a lot anyway … can’t it be that you meet someone and feel wow this is it but afterwards it turns out not to be so? Life is 1 mystery and I think you never know for sure but the truth in your heart must help you a lot anyway … can’t it be that you meet someone and feel wow this is it but afterwards it turns out not to be so? Life is 1 mystery and I think you never know for sure but the truth in your heart must help you a lot anyway …

I think the word twinflame is the same as your unifying soul (male / female soul consciousness from Jaap Hiddinga, nice book) as I experience it is my twinflame, my unifying soul that is my other half. My experience is that by growing, by polishing each other, with highs and lows, you feel that that is also your twin radius .. but what is a name ..? you yourself feel the best whether or not he is your unifying soul. I no longer doubt .. because of our growth there is something that I know for sure that he is my other half. That certainty is also something that I notice by signs from above got it .. don’t hesitate anymore but live for your own truth and it will become increasingly clear. A name for this intense love? .. then you put it back in a booth, (that’s something twinflames don’t like in my opinion) ..

We ARE a soul, we have a body. We are half a complementary soul, so we share ourselves / our soul. We are an energy with a unique vibration frequency that manifests itself in two people (if they are both on Earth) and no more people. The very last split. Earlier divisions are your soul family. There is only 1 with exactly the same vibration number as you. That is your other half, your complement, your twinflame. The other half, complement and twinflame is the same concept. Twinflame = complementary half of you. . After all, it is not a multiple soul, it is and remains a twin. It is time to do a large-scale investigation into twinflames, but it seems that no (para) psychologist dares to burn his fingers at this, perhaps afraid of their reputation and! no money is released because there are not enough twinflames there. The purpose of encountering each other is different, every life there is another reason for gathering. I have met my twins this life to help him make a quantum leap in his consciousness, needed for his next life because then he becomes an angel . And I become his guide. Meeting is meant to gain experiences with each other, not every life has to be a loving act. In the early stages of soul growth, twinflames sometimes cannot air or see each other. The more conscious we have become over the course of many lifetimes, the better it goes between twinflames. You certainly do it for sure when you come across your twinflame and when in doubt it is not, then it is “just” someone else, but again with perhaps almost the same vibration number and that makes it confusing. Meeting with twinflame / soul half / other half / complement makes clear-knowing. (Unknown)

Yes, thank you, that’s what I think, but yes it is all so confusing, I read that book too and it was so enlightening but also confusing at the same time because he said that a twinflame was different from a complementary soul !! You know, I honestly think that you are together almost in every life, because this is necessary and if you are not together in this life something might just have gone wrong? I do not know but I have a great feeling that I have come together for a number of lifetimes with my twin but never really long: Of course you can’t say that with certainty but it is said that you agree together if you want to see each other in this life or not? Sorry people, but what the hell, exactly that 2 souls who love each other, rather than see everything and everyone, are going to say sorry darling next life is not: -s so I don’t think so at all !! What is possible is that it is not allowed by God himself or other souls ??? Well! we will know for sure only above, but in the meantime I will continue to do a lot of research and I will let you know! (Claudia)

Hi Claudia, I think there is a plan behind it, that you are not always or not immediately with your twin. Because my life went like this I gained more understanding about the how and why of the course of my life, I think to grow that you do not immediately come together that you have to do another task in this life first. I do feel that the task, the growth that you have experienced as a result, was necessary and that you are then ready for a twin relationship. When I look back on my life, everything is actually right, even what others said and did (past and present) ) is now all clear in the overall plan. By whom or whatever that was made .. I knew as a child that I had to do certain things and that something else was waiting for me, around this time .. it all falls into place. I also think that this can be different for each twin pair, look back to your life and to the heights and lows, the reactions of people to it that you can still clearly remember, that has made much clear to me. Nothing is a coincidence! (Unknown)