S013. We also loved each other from the first time we saw each other


My girlfriends saw a ‘nice boy’ for me and they had arranged a sort of date for us. we both thought it was a bad joke, but apparently it wasn’t. Immediately when I saw him the lightning struck, it seemed literally to us. We could hardly realize it. Immediately when I saw him, the word ‘found’ shot through me from scratch. We already started a relationship the next day.
Our relationship is an understanding and loving relationship. we complement each other and learn a lot from each other. we can no longer imagine a life without each other. My best friend had and has a great deal of difficulty with the fact that I now have a permanent relationship that will most likely not end. I am everything for her, and she was everything for me too, but that is getting less and less. She is convinced that she will lose me. We have argued about it very often, and therefore I cannot share everything with my friend. It is also true that I carry a lot of secrets with me. I want to tell them, but I don’t dare, out of fear and shame. My friend absolutely cannot stand that.
We both wanted a love affair together. we felt incredibly attracted to each other and we fell madly in love with each other. We also loved each other from the first time we saw each other. Our relationship has changed almost nothing in all this time. Only we start to love each other more, and we become closer every day.
I have found my other half, which I always knew he missed. I feel much better, work on myself more than ever before, my fears have diminished, and my psychic abilities are growing. I also know more and learn faster.
The best thing that happened between us and the most special thing was when we first met. The feeling that goes through you is simply beyond description. But of course every moment that we are together is beautiful and wonderful.
Romance in our relationship is not just about simply having sex, it is pure emotion. you can’t get closer than that .
I would describe the feeling of soul love as follows; I feel complete and one with him. Even though I am alone, I am never alone, because spiritually there is still a piece of my friend with me. But if he’s not with me, I’m constantly missing him. I long for that feeling of being again.
I have always known from childhood that my other half was walking around somewhere on this earth, but where? I didn’t know where to look. I did search and that didn’t end well. Then I thought to myself that it didn’t help to search, that I had to quit. I did that and within half a year I had also ‘found’ my other half. It is just a great experience, also to know that we are together forever. I no longer feel alone in the world, I no longer long for my other half.

My tips for others are; don’t go looking and just let it come over you in the beginning. later you have to work on it.