Q0391. Always missed out?


I am so afraid because I know that when I go to see him, I can hardly bear to be in the same province or city, let alone being super close to each other, then I start shaking and flipping and then I feel enormously charged, so much that I am hardened by fear, fear overwhelms me the moment I see him, which causes me to remain stiff, I also dare not walk to him I had to see him because I am still afraid that I have imagined that he does not know who I am anymore or that he does not want to see me at all !! What should I do, I don’t think I will get that many chances anymore, a friend of mine said that he felt that I would only get one last chance and that it would end, but I want to seize that opportunity, but I often have quite a bit of bad luck and I know that if I only get a small chance I will certainly ruin it, because I am, I will try to seize that opportunity but then something will come in from outside that will not work, and what i have had for it is that i went to ielmand who looked like him and that he was not and i da! cht I have seen his friends what seemed negative afterwards, I have often made a fool of myself and have had a trauma about it, so now I dare to step down even less if I think I have seen him or his friends, I have also enormous fear that I would not recognize him anymore, I know him super well, his soul but appearance it is a bit faded and I do not know why I find this so bad !!! pff what should i do ?? How can I confront him? Whenever I see him I feel like walking away because it is so intense !! Can someone please help me I really do not want to miss this opportunity, that is really not allowed, it means everything to me !! What should I do?

I am familiar with a similar situation through a friend of mine. Running away from the other. She has never really dared and she will have to learn to live with that. I therefore want to give you some advice: please talk to him next time you see him. Don’t let the opportunity slip. There is nothing worse than missed opportunities. Do it for yourself. You can do it! (Unknown)