S011. The shock was mainly because he showed me again who I really was


I have seen my soul love in retrospect, four years ago we found it without both of us knowing. We had a short relationship then, but it went out. We didn’t talk for four years until he found me again. From that moment on we both knew that we feel more for each other than ordinary love, there really is a deeper love both on my part and on his part.
My friend at the time could not understand it or handle it. Four years ago we had a ‘children’s’ relationship and at the moment there is a very good contact, only he has a relationship.
I have experienced the soul love as a shock and a very pleasant feeling. The shock was mainly because he showed me again who I really was. He has shown me who I am and I personally think the best thing about our soul love is that I can come to him at any time of the day. I would describe our love as a kind of love that comes not only from the heart but also from your whole body and beyond. Eroticism was more intense than in other relationships.
The biggest obstacle we have come across is the fact that he is very scared of losing me. At the moment we just have a friendly relationship. For him this is not satisfactory for me. I personally want a partner relationship with him but he does not yet because he is still in a relationship and because he is afraid that then our friendship will disappear.
I want to say to others; you come across your soul love when it is your time, searching for it is of no use.