S009. I was searching until I found her


She discovered that we had a love of my soul through my conversations with her via msn. It was just like love at first sight, but we have not spoken and seen each other before.
My partner did not understand that I had such a good contact with the person via the MSN and that we were chatting for hours. At first she became angry and sad because she thought she would be abandoned and that I would go for my soul love. She also read more about it and I tried to talk to der about my feelings and how I felt. Now it is better because we talk a lot about it and it has made it a bit stronger that this happened.
I experienced the love of my soul as a fierce thing and was not really familiar with it at all, it seemed like a kind of love at first sight, but more in the spiritual sense and it got the jitters in my belly. Every day I looked forward to a conversation with her to find out if she had this. She is already doing karma treatment for people but she had never experienced this before and told me about this.
This event brought jealousy to the partners and sadness to the soul love because it was so intense.
We have only had a spiritual relationship with each other and have only estimated each other and have not spoken to each other in real life. This had more to do with the fact that she felt so bad about her husband and that she couldn’t talk to him about it.
The obstacles we encountered are that we had a lot with the jealousy and incomprehension of the partners and that we had a very difficult time with this.
I don’t know if a love relationship could have come about because we both have a partner with children there, maybe the time is there to build a friendship and that you can support each other if something happens.
The relationship with my soul love was ended by her because she could not discuss this with her husband and because we felt so much for each other. She also said that when she saw me she might not want to go home anymore. She then sent me a letter via e-mail in which she told me that she could not continue to do this. I have e-mailed back that when she thinks she can or wants her to reach me and then continue to talk about whether we will meet again. I think this also has a bit to do with the experience in life that I have built up and that she is a little younger.
This soul love brought a lot of peace to me, I was searching until I found her, there was also a lot of positive energy that you think should make a love dance together. I still think about her every day, even though it is unconscious and hope that the contact will return. I have also noticed that neighborly love has begun to bloom more because it has also awakened a bit that there is more than earthly life.
The best thing that happened was that a love blossomed that you have been waiting for all your life, this was just spiritual and it seemed like we were sitting on a cloud together and looking at the world. The conversations could be so intense about our lives and how we felt and that it made your stomach feel butterflies. This took days before it became less because the contact was broken.
The feeling of love that I experienced with her is intense, love at first sight with a popping firework and lots of butterflies in your belly. In addition, sadness because you already have a life and you cannot meet each other.
The relationship has ended because of her being unable to talk about this with her partner. The feeling it gives me is that you miss someone and something and that makes you very sad. a bit of a broken heart, The moment I found my love for the soul there was a lot of peace and I felt that I had found what I was looking for. the search for this feeling and happening has stopped and does not know if this will happen. This love was so intense that I would rather think that I am a little wandering around.
I would hope that my soul love would still want to contact me and that she can talk about it with her husband. Perhaps a beautiful friendship of two families could arise from this and that seeing each other makes life very pleasant.
For the people who will happen to this I would say be careful with each other and your partner and be honest even though there is a lot of jealousy and negative judgment from your regular partner.