Q0293. When I let go of my twinflame, do I continue to experience the same intensity that I now experience in contact?


I have certainly found a twinflame. When we saw each other, we immediately knew each other. This is now 4 and half years ago. Our relationship is intense and intense. I think I should let her go. But that is accompanied by an extreme fear. Today I felt a wonderful peace for the first time because I realized that she will always be with me. But I also feel the fear again. It is a fight for life and death. We are two women and both with a nice male partner. But our love cannot be described with a pen. The peaks are high but the valleys are intensely deep. I would like to receive an answer. How do I get to the forum? That would really support me.

You write that both have a nice male partner, and you have a relationship behind your back with your twin !? I can’t really be objective here, because I reject a relationship anyway without the current partner knowing. That’s why I wonder if ego or love plays a role? If it suits you, who will hurt you with it. Moreover, you can learn to cope with the desire for your twin by staying close to yourself and wondering what is right, because you have a nice partner, you say yourself. (Unknown)