S004. The soul love feeling is a feeling of my own in which I experience her


I discovered my soul love through the spiritual newspaper. I still have this relationship. My partner doesn’t understand. Don’t want to feel it either. Shows itself from its negative side when I draw her attention to the feeling. For me it was that after my own change I started to feel more and more lonely. Eventually I learned to be there for my own loneliness, after which I started to feel her better. I have therefore let go of the need to continue. Enjoy the happy moments and let the negative be there. Also see it as a personal development. Because it was precisely because of her that I came into better contact with myself. It led to enormous conflicts. Especially when you have very intense contact and one person comes closer to the other and the other is not aware of it, it seems as if you are evoking all the negative in your partner. The negativity just comes out. When we got to know each other I was only busy with my career and I firmly believe that she really did have a love life with me. Only because I changed and considered other things more important, the basis of our relationship was undermined. My idea is: she experienced her love life because at that time I showed a strong boy and not myself. So the strong boy also disappeared that love life. What became stronger and stronger was that band. We still have a relationship. Little by little. step-by-step. Super moments. heavy valleys. It gives me energy to see the chosen path as a path to, call it the gold mine. It has made me aware of seeing this as a path of life and it is actually great to be able to experience this. If you realize that you have a wonderful family with 2 very special wonderful daughters who are clear in life. The eroticism in our relationship was previously purely sex. Now the contact is more important. We have not yet had the summit as I think we will ever experience, but we are on the right track.The soul love feeling is a feeling of my own in which I experience her.I see it as my art (attitude to life) to hold on to this feeling and not to let it depend on her actions. It gives me strength to let her be, to enjoy her, to let her go but to experience that you are always there for her. After she first got stuck with a postnatal depression, I decided to look for this and to do something. At least against the feeling of powerlessness. After that, everything happened to me. I followed a lot of alternative courses (Reiki, Kinesiology, Stress release etc. etc.). I canceled my existing very successful career and started my own practice. Enjoy being allowed to help others. see also www.levenopaarde.nl This site is still under construction but already gives a nice idea. My tip is: search for yourself first. First try to be happy with yourself. Try to be independent within your relationship. Complement each other. Enjoy everything you do yourself and do not expect anything from the other person.