Q1016. Is this my twinflame?


6 days ago I met an ex of 20 years ago via Twitter. Since then we have been inseparably what’s what’s appen. He is constantly in my mind, my heart just hurts from being thumped, it seems as if he is in all my fibers. When he says something sweet, it seems that I am completely on fire. My relationship of 15 years did not go well for a long time and 2 days ago I ended it. Because of this man I knew exactly what I had to do. We still haven’t seen each other, but we feel like we’re in a relationship. When he says that I can touch him, it really feels that way while we are far away from each other. It seems like I am completely falling apart. We are a little afraid that when we see each other it is not what it is, although I really cannot imagine that.

Answer 1
Enjoy would I say? Is it important to attach a label to it? Magnificent. Enjoy the feeling .. The right push! Hope you can experience a lot of happiness.

Answer 1
There is a Soulmate, Soul Relatives (in different levels) and Twin Soul. A soulmate at a high level can also feel very strongly like a twinflame. You automatically get signs and insights as to whether it concerns your twinflame.
(Alicia Stuprijck)