S000P05 Soul love does not have to be a problem for the partner


Soul love does not have to be a problem for the partner. I myself found my soul love 30 years ago in Spain .7 years in a row we were together for 2 weeks with my husband. At that time I did not know that he was my soul love, I just found out 2 years ago.
For 20 years we have not seen each other or have had contact, but my feeling for him has always been there. Our lives have run parallel: we lived in the same kind of village, both a partner, both children, boy and girl, both of the same age. After 20 years of contact, the feelings were still there. Soul love is something that not everyone experiences but this is so strong that you can feel each other if something goes wrong or you can. you can feel each other’s emotions. in dreams or if it is bad also in your own moods on the day. I have experienced this. after 20 years of contact again the last few weeks I did not feel well and had to think a lot about him. Last weekend I heard that he died. That hurts but I can still feel him in my heart.
You can’t compare this love with normal love because I love my own husband a lot. This happens to you and you can’t help it. So all partners, are not angry or sad. Your soul love has little to do with sex but with other lives. maybe in a previous life my soul love has been my child or my mother. it is a reunion of someone from a previous life with whom you have had a very strong bond.