S000P04 She also knows if she’s going to forbid me to have to make a choice


I’m a man, married for 33 years. 1 year ago I found my twinflame (I only know since 1 week that this is my twinflame. This means that both my twinflame and I had no idea what happened to us. It is therefore a great relief to know that this is more common .
Married for 33 years and then this happened. After 1 month I went to tell my partner that I met a woman and that something happened that I actually had no idea what, but so terribly intense and deep that I knew it would be for the rest of my life. She was shocked, of course, and did not know how to respond. Since I have a very good relationship with my partner, I was able to convince her that it is something other than the “normal” and that there was no escaping it. We talked a lot about it together. She allowed me to meet my twinflame and said she also met her once.
I think you should be very open towards your partner. I ask permission to meet her (once every 3 months).
I think you should involve your partner in the whole and show that it should not be seen as something threatening.
I think this is only possible if the relationship is very good and there is great mutual trust.

My partner says I know that she belongs to you and will in principle always stay with you, I have to accept that.
She also knows if she will forbid me to have to make a choice. Her love for me is so great that she cannot do it to me or want to do it.

I (and also my partner) even think that our love for each other has grown since I found a twinflame.
So having a twinflame when a partner is involved is still possible. It has of course continued to work on it and to open up both my partner and my twinflame.