Q0966. Vibration and sensations in my body


If I get this then I come in contact with my twinflame again. I just had them again so there will be another meeting tonight. It has been a long time since I had them, by the way. Who has that too?

Answer 1
The vibrations and sensations in your body, is that something that you consciously induce because you consciously want to come into contact with your twinflame that night? Did you have that contact that night? If so how do you know for sure?

Answer 2
Yes I have too. Especially when I’m in bed in the evening. But also when I am sad about the whole situation. Contact in dreams and that’s how I would like to be but I don’t have or am not aware of it. Tips how I can get that ..?

Answer 3
That comes unexpectedly to set up those sensations. I also have that in my head then I feel something in my head that there is an openness. And that same night something happens again.

Answer 4
Yes recognize that, but not so much for the night. Moments that he probably thinks about me intensely (at least that’s how I translate it….). Even the moments before he sends an SMS, for example, I can experience those sensations.

Answer 5 I have had
contact in dreams several times in the past year: very healing, innocent experiences. Not anymore lately. Tips? Yes, maybe before you go to sleep you can ask if you can dream about your twinflame. For example, to get an answer to a particular question that you are struggling with. In dreams I sometimes get advice from third parties about how to deal with twinflames (why I will not elaborate on why this is necessary). I always follow these recommendations. Sometimes it feels like he really slept next to me and that is very different from a dream. We also have contact during the day and then we talk. Some words come through literally – he lets me know in secret ways. I sometimes consciously stimulate the contact myself, but then it often comes to me!

Answer 6
To answer 3: how exciting. What exactly happens that night when I may ask? How do you get those sensations?

Answer 7
Yes, I recognize that. Sometimes very intense and persistent, then I often come across him again. After he got a permanent relationship, I really lost him energetically for a while. Now it is very variable, sometimes not for a period, and then suddenly again. Do you think that has to do with his relationship?

Answer 8
Yes, that you have lost someone energetically for a while has to do with the fact that they now put all their energy into their new relationship. I also feel it with my twinflame. It doesn’t matter, in dreams he just comes by and there is that unbreakable bond. In real life I let him do his thing and he will come if he wants to. It is good the way it is.

Answer 9
If I have sensations in my head or body. Then I usually get in touch with a deceased person. The deceased then wants contact with a loved one here on earth. I can also get in touch with my twinflame. You can also experience astral eroticism at the very highest level. On the one or other day I had the talent for that.

Answer 10
Vibration, odor, mood changes, etc. is the sign that your twinflame is thinking very strongly about you and that you are actually missing. When you are close to your twinflame, the vibration will also be stronger (depends on how far you are in the process). Feel nothing energetic, does not mean that your twinflame is not thinking about you. She is then busy with her own process and comes back in her mind. You cannot completely close yourself energetically for your twinflame. You can only look for distractions in, for example, work or hobby.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 11
Since you are right in answer 10. As soon as I get home from work I do nothing I feel her again. But I can feel her when I’m on a racing bike or mountain bike. And she also gets through it while playing the guitar. And that feels good, I must tell you. Will she also feel those vibrations from my guitar playing haha.