Q1405. Attract and repel?


It started to grow and after the 3 rd appointment together we started to hold hands and kiss. But it came out that he has never had a relationship, has no experience with children and has absolutely no self-confidence. We have been a little faster lately quarrel only we pull together like crazy. Someone thought that we are twins but know that it is not and then she said she is really see a strong bond from past lives. Nah, I already knew about regression therapy. My problem now is that he drinks a lot of drugs and is very insecure. That also manifests itself in sex since we are 7 months together and have not had the real sex yet, although there are desire is. Do not know what to do now, because I really want to be intimate with him and be one, notice that our souls are already very connected, but it seems as if he cannot physically surrender. He is really my buddy, and I am crazy about him, but how can we communicate better? greeting