Q0976. What are the happiest moments with your twinflame?


What are the happiest moments with your twinflame? What do you experience when you think of him or her? What is the figure that your twinflame gets?

Answer 1
Good question: the happiest moments … are for me right now if I don’t think about my twinflame. Then I just have a rest and I can also turn my mind to something else. I find it difficult to give a grade because I do not know exactly what quality should I express in numbers? If it is to express someone with whom I would like to enter into an earthly relationship, my current score is 1. As a friend, he scores a 5. As a colleague, neighbor, etc. a 7. As an orator / poet an 8.5 and finally he scores as my twinflame a 10, just because he doesn’t have to do anything special for that, he is apparently normal, I can’t qualify anyone else as my twinflame so he gets my current twinflame, he therefore, a 10.

Answer 2
I think numbers are really nonsense.

Answer 3
Oh, I had a very happy moment with twinflame this morning when I took a bath. That was astral. The ‘real’ contacts with twinflames vary, I feel often subjected to tests. Certainly not always pure love, but that moment is there, then I feel happiest.

Answer 4
I sometimes feel so happy with twinflame that I feel I can’t handle it. I can feel complete and completely myself, that is the nicest feeling I know. Sometimes I see him in front of him, just his face, then I am suddenly so moved.

Answer 5
Those are the moments when we are just the two of us, wherever we are and whatever we do. That feels so good, just like time stands still. You feel whole. Nobody around us is important and we feel the peace in ourselves.