Q1397. After 11 years of association or not?


Me and my twinflame had a relationship in 2005, we broke up in 2007 and have always maintained contact over the mail, even though they were very scarce. Two years ago I let him go because the process between us became stagnant and became energetic, we got no further than email contact. I say, with every contact, our love for each other and the energy that hung between us was and can be felt. Suddenly I received an email from him last November. Active mailing and the initiative came from my twinflame and no longer from me. He noticed that I was no longer dependent on him, so that he became more curious about me. I then let him know that we are moving on to a nice relaxed appointment or we each go our own way. To my surprise, he opts for the appointment and wants to get to know me better. Now the roles have been reversed that I don’t know what to do with it now, even though I feel the attraction between us being so strong.

Answer 1
I think that people who love you can also be hurt the most by you. Your twinflame is in a learning process and this flight behavior towards others is a form of fear: fear of losing you. Quite contradictory, though, but give him time. So be patient and loving. Help him as much as possible with positive thoughts.

Answer 2
It is clear that this person is not your twz. This whole situation ensures that you get stuck in something that is not worthy of attention. And to ‘Roos’ (answer 1) Come on, do you now believe that yourself? (Eddy and Rita)