Q1395. Is this first love or more?


When I was in a different relationship with a friend of mine, I got to know him. he said he had feelings for me from the beginning. I didn’t even think about it. after all, I was in a relationship with his friend. shortly thereafter it went out between me and his friend and I moved to another city. After a year I came back, after which he immediately contacted me again. I felt at ease with him from the first moment I met, and we agreed a lot. at some point we got a relationship, in our relationship everything went naturally, it felt so good. I had never felt that way with anyone else. At one point, I got depressed and lost myself. so we broke up after 2 years. we are now half a year apart, he now has a girlfriend and we have already broken the contact. but still I can feel that he loves me, if he misses me etc. if I open myself to it, I can feel what he feels .. but because my first real relationship was, I cannot post whether it is a first love was or that it is more ..