P0849. Rednas III


Finally for you,
The heart has reasons or which the reason knows not – (source: Blaise Pascal).

My words are not,
my suffering is,
My choice (the feeling) was not, believe me if I tell you this now.
In my life I have learned a lot, and I am learning as long as I live,
I understand why some moments should not come about, and I forgive every person so deeply and convincedly from my heart.
Sometimes moments are unjust and sometimes really wrong,
Everything has a good reason ……, and although the setback, I have accepted it with a clean heart,
To you I now say: in my heart is a written letter about you,
starting with : I have not forgotten you,
I worry a lot about who you are inside, I worry about you,
I know …, that’s
why I ask you … … make sure you know The One.
It is now a past, goodbye … for me this was another good learning moment,
I wish you good luck …. and a good life on the right path.