Q1315 Is he my twinflame?

I have been in a relationship for 10 years. All went well, were happy. A year ago we were at a party and I met a friend of a friend. I always talk to many people and everyone. Was talking to this boy (5 min). I trusted him immediately. Felt good. He has been in my head ever since. Half a year later I met him again. Again some talking, meanwhile fishing a bit who and what he was. But actually I already knew. I belong to him. 2 months later we met again. We talked all night. I can’t look at him, that touches me so deeply. We got more and more contact. That was very difficult because I was still in a relationship. Within 2 days we were flirting to why we missed each other and had given me children instead of your husband. In the end we couldn’t stay away from each other. I wasn’t going to end my relationship at the time, so we agreed it would only be sex. When I came to him,! the first time, I immediately felt at home. (while I am always suspicious). I felt at ease, blissful. The sex was fantastic. The only thing that was so strange, I still couldn’t look at him. We lost ourselves in each other. I know he felt this too, I know that, I feel that. Every time I left I was overwhelmed by pain, really physical pain. He always became distant after our meetings. He has repeatedly asked me what I wanted. He eventually threw me out of his life. He had a girlfriend (2 days !!) after our last meeting. I’m still broken. He has stated on several occasions that he cannot give in to his feelings for me. He wanted a stable relationship. The strange thing is that, despite the pain, I grant him everything and I don’t blame anything. I am convinced that he belongs to me. My question, could he be my twinflame? And if so, does he also feel the pain of not being with me?

Answer 1
Wow, very difficult. In fact, an outsider can never answer that question. I am firmly convinced that someone inside knows if it is. But in any case the meeting sounds like it was a soulmate in any case. I personally believe that twinflames do not easily cheat if one or both of them have a relationship. Not to be moralistic, but usually the physical aspect is in second place. But there are always exceptions. So twinflame or soulmate … well. Look deep inside yourself – and there are also things that happen when it comes to twinflame love: a growth spurt in spiritual development – you go in search of depth and meaning. You experience many synchronicities concerning yourself and your love. And you experience severe divorce pains. Just a few examples. Hope that everything will be as it should be. Get well soon.