Q1377. My life upside down?


I have been reading this for a while and I am curious what you have to say about my story! At the end of January 2015 I had an operation that lasted 2 hours. After that I had a lot of pain and I also got morphine twice. While I was under the influence of medication I could hardly say a sensible word. I did, however, send a message with my phone to my colleague that I was in such unbelievable pain, etc. On the day of my discharge from the hospital, I spontaneously sent him a photo from my hospital bed with a smile that everything went well. I had my glasses on, an out of bed look, was pale and had my pajamas on. And then it started ……… after a few weeks he admitted that it was THAT photo that made me realize that he is in love. He saw a vulnerable, sweet woman and it touched him in a very intense way. After 4 weeks of sickness insurance, I went back to work and therefore also carpooling with him! If we were driving together, the conversations were different than with other colleagues, that click was always there. And if someone else was in the car, we would not get any further than everyday things. Consciously, because our conversations together always went very deep, if I say so myself. A day later it came out with both; there is more between us. But different from what we have experienced before. The point is also that I am married and have two children. He has a girlfriend and lives together. We are 12 years old and he is originally from South America and came to the Netherlands 8 years ago for his girlfriend. We have the same theme in our lives, much is the same! But our characters are real opposites! We are 2 days apart, exactly half a year after each other’s birthday (he aquarius, I lion), but that attraction !!!! Unbelievable and simply indescribable. He experiences the same. And despite having crossed THE social boundary of cheating, it doesn’t feel like cheating. Everything goes without saying, we don’t have to do anything for it. We finish each other’s sentences, think the same at times and we have contact without the usual means of communication. I was diagnosed with ADHD in July 2014 (which I am increasingly going to doubt!) And with him there is a lot of peace in my head, time faded, it seems magical. But that shift really was at the end of January! I also see everywhere 11: 11/22: 22/44/55/77/33/88 I must say that my life has been turned upside down for the past 5 years. After the birth of my oldest, I had to start working on myself at all costs; it couldn’t be that way any longer. I recognized too much from my father and I didn’t allow my children to do that. So I went into therapy. Just when I thought it was going to be quieter and everything got a place, this happened! He is my soulmate and now I know what true unconditional love is! We both feel it, only I am the one who dares to give the beast a name. We were also not out to ‘cheat’ either. We were not looking and it just happened. What is between us is magical. And even that word does not even include the whole. The strange thing is that we have known each other for 5 years, why not before? Well, I can write a book about this and I think I am well on my way. Anyway I have realized through all this that I am not happy with my current relationship. My soulmate has also gradually gained that insight. Only one thing that we are aware of is that something is very difficult to find; let go and someone who can do nothing about it have to hurt because of yourself.
He tries to approach many things scientifically, but I notice (and he also) that it doesn’t always work anymore! I watched the film ‘I origine’ and actually clicked on the film because there was something that attracted me (the title or the cover) …… it turned out to be about exactly the same as what we are experiencing now! Unbelievable, but coincidence no longer exists for me … I would say burst out!

Answer 1
I experience the same thing, just started a year earlier, the same numbers, the same weird coincidences, as a result of which I no longer believe in coincidence. I’d say fasten your belts because you have just started. I am friendly with him, which can sometimes be frustrating. But it is a great journey, you will learn a lot about yourself and you will come across yourself very hard! I am not there yet and I am now at the point that I am going to release him very consciously, even though I will keep in touch, because breaking this contact is by no means an option, but I am still going to try to let him go.