Q1368. Why was my Soulmate no longer allowed to stay here on earth?


Hello after 15 years nothing but misery I find my best buddy from the past and it turns out to be my Soulmate. Found true love for the first time in 40 years. Really divine love and over the moon. Both of us wanted nothing more than each other and my 2 Kids and his baby are all happy. This unfortunately only lasted for half a year and he suddenly died within 40 minutes 6 weeks ago. I feel halved and don’t understand anymore. I have had a really miserable life with more than enough life lessons and my Soulmate too. Then why is he pulled out of life so abruptly with 38 years. My whole belief everything is gone now. I don’t want to go anymore either but I have to take care of my 2 kids. Greetings from a very sad laggard.

Answer 1
Strength! That must be terrible. Hopefully another soulmate will come your way soon. Not that he can replace your deceased mate, but still …

Answer 2
Unfortunately I don’t have an answer, but it’s like reading my own story. I too lost my twinflame 3 months ago suddenly due to heart failure. Also only 38 years old. We were each other’s first love, but still very young. I had broken the relationship, but we have always remained very good friends. After almost 20 years we have come together again and we have had 2 magical years together. After years of being unhappy in other relationships, we had now found the ultimate, unconditional love together. Nobody knew me better than he and vice versa. It should always have been that way! We wanted to grow old together … This was the love I had always been waiting for and I hoped it actually existed. I really don’t understand why it had to be this way. I prefer to stop living too, I don’t feel like anything anymore, but I have to continue for my children. I feel so terribly lonely …