Q1045. Has your soul love always treated you well?


I still doubt if it is possible if he has not treated you well. For example, flying ahead. Saying to be free and then you discover that there appears to be a relationship. For example, deny when you talk about soul love and then show strange behavior. Calling mean things. While he was the one who said that not everything is love (about what other people can do to each other) I have seen other looks. Don’t the eyes tell everything? He acted so suddenly. I no longer recognized him at that point. The point that I was open. I don’t understand anything of that. Like more experiences about this. It is true that an enormous learning process has been set in motion. Really everything is covered. I am grateful for that afterwards. Like your stories. By breaking the contact, I can really get started. I now feel that I really understand life and how that works best for me. Soul Love now moves to the background happily.

Answer 1
Well, I can talk about that, yes. My twinflame could sometimes react to me in a nasty way. In his eyes I always saw and see something very different (namely love) while he said something unpleasant that others were present with. I felt so caught and watched. But afterwards I understand; he wanted confirmation of my feelings for him and I did not give him such clear words. I give it to him in the form of looks, touches, subtle hints (unconsciously) in conversations, and so on. Finally, that penny dropped for him and he now knows what to look out for. But painful things have happened. I have forgiven him, I am not perfect either. Keeping some distance in mind helps well, he will come closer to you in the right way.

Answer 2
Unconditional love is a process of attracting and repelling. Lying is fear. Because he lied about his relationship, it indicates that he is afraid of losing you, whatever your fear is. Also give him time to get used to the soul love feeling. You may have been cheated before. For fear of being cheated, you express this to him. In most Soul Love cases there is denial and relationship outside of Soul Love. Forgiveness is also an important lesson with soul love.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 3
As if I’m reading my own story .. Intense, real, and the feeling of coming home. But lies and deception prevailed. It seemed impossible to be together. On the one hand, wanting to be the huge attraction together. But on the other hand impossible. We now have a son together but we are no longer together. Despite all the deception, I still have the feeling that I want to be with him. But it seems impossible. I still see love in his eyes, I still feel love. His words say things other than his body language. Mind indicates that I must let go of it, but feeling indicates that that is impossible. And he seems afraid of this. He is opposed to everything and everyone. While every touch indicates that it is twinflame. He also feels that.