Q1363. Express your feelings?


About half a year ago I met my twinflame. From that moment I could no longer get it out of my system. He has a family and that’s why we never talked about this. From his side it is mainly attracting and repelling. I find this very painful and that’s why I want to let him go. I have not yet succeeded and he is in my system so that I cannot think of anything else. Sometimes I think it would be easier if we talked about our feelings. I know he’s never gonna do that. I have to raise the conversation and take the first step. What is your experience in this? Is it easier to let go when you have talked to each other?

Answer 1
My experience with my twinflame is that it has become more difficult to let go of each other after we have expressed our feelings to each other. We are both in a good relationship and do not want to break it. We don’t want to cheat either either. I have said before: talking about the desire to be together only makes the desire stronger than weaker.

Answer 2
From my own experience I can say that at a certain point you will no longer be able to express yourself, either by talking or by your behavior if you see and speak to each other regularly. This happened between me and my twinflame this week. We have a fairly regular contact and I noticed that a tension was built up. But it felt too good to cut it down (I have a relationship and he too, but he has a girlfriend who finds a free relationship fine). So in the end we both couldn’t hold back and our friendly hugs suddenly became very intimate and we kissed each other. The next day I had to talk to him about it because I was shocked by myself, and then it happened again, with even more physical contact. No sex, not that. But it was not far away. And the bad thing is, it felt so good! I do feel guilty towards my partner, but it still felt good and nice. Twin Soul and I have agreed that it will stay with us and that we will never talk to anyone about it. I hope he keeps his word and trust in it. Speaking is dangerous in the sense that the fact is there. But I think you will feel it differently and then it will come out one day, and perhaps in a worse form (as with us) than would otherwise have happened.