Q1359. Can’t handle the sadness, twin ray doesn’t want contact?


I met him six years ago. Both have been overjoyed, intensely happy .. Due to external circumstances and gossip, we are set against each other and we have blamed each other a lot. We seem to be unable to find a way back to each other .. He ignores me what hurts me .. I hurt him to want to get in touch .. I try to break free, but I can’t manage it .. I feel constant pain and a hole in my soul. He has fear of attachment, I fear of abandonment. How do I survive this, I feel so empty. I have given myself to him literally and figuratively, and it feels like he is taking me with him .. He does not want contact, but how do I get myself back?

Answer 1
This will always remain, you can never find yourself again.

Answer 2
Become powerful. Get mad at yourself. Choose yourself. It is you who makes the light shine in the water. The key to surrender lies in self-love.

Answer 3
In what ways have you tried to make contact?
Perhaps the person can be reached in a different way.

Answer 4
First try to let go, take a rest. Take care of yourself, choose yourself. Do you feel sadness? do you feel you have to cry let it go, it is a process. Most important: don’t forget yourself!