Q1168. Soul love is about self love?


For those who still find it difficult, over time you might look at it differently. I too have gone through all those stages; can’t be true, broken heart, fallen back on myself, such love in the form of a relationship over (I was 23 at the time); it was like a thunderbolt in clear sky and then separated for the most impossible reasons as if the script had been written without being able to change anything about it. Energetic contact, even more frustrating.
Ultimately, you will be pushed to the facts in this way. Soul love revolves around yourself; find, feel and see it in yourself, disconnect it from the person. Because it is the characters and the lessons that both have to learn that stand in the way. It might be possible to find each other again at a later stage, if both have learned enough, but that does not matter now. focus on yourself. What I have experienced, you miss your self-love; something that you think you are missing in yourself, that you think you can get from him or her. The energy that you carry with you corresponds to that of your ‘partner’, which is why it all clicks so unwise and intensely. There are many people who carry the same energy as you =). It is an experience with that person, which is a mirror (you are not literally him or her) and that love comes from you. And only from you. Only your thoughts about this cause you to suffer. Learn to love yourself, create your own happiness, don’t settle for less than the very best, stand up for yourself and it’s all so much better after that, really!