Q1356. Want to tell your twinflame something?


I often feel that I want to tell my twinflame things, just about myself and what I have experienced. I want to share that with him. Do more people have this? Yet I don’t do it, because I haven’t been in contact with him for a while, since I told him that I have feelings for him. He says he sees no future for us (why I don’t know). He often runs away from me, I notice that, that’s why I don’t want to make it even harder for him to make contact. Yet I continue to feel that need to tell him things about myself. Who recognizes this and what do you do in that case?

Answer 1
Continuous … Very annoying hahaha!

Answer 2
Almost every day, almost every thought seems to automatically end up in a sort of shared vavuum. A space in the void somewhere, ‘shared’ between him and me. As if I know that he feels me at such a moment because he is probably thinking of me. But of course I have the idea of ​​going crazy. Because with all the running away of both of us, and our mutual relationships now, wouldn’t I have it in my head that he also thinks of me? It is not without reason that he has a new relationship, and yet at such a moment I feel that I share my feelings or thoughts or hearts with him.