Q0082. Meet in the next life?


If we agree in this life to meet again in the next life, will this also happen? And because the feeling is very strong towards each other, will we also know about the past life?

Many channeled sources say that what happens in this life is already an appointment. Or even a contract. The name soul contract or soul contract is even regularly mentioned. The agreements are mainly made between the lives before you enter a next life again. Between the lives you also evaluate the events of the past life together and make the ‘lesson plan’ for the new life. They also say that you often have experiences with the same souls in different lives and in different roles (Tiny)

In 1981 I met a woman, the first meeting, and I noticed that immediately the following thoughts flashed through my mind, namely: we are bosom friends forever, she soon meets a man she marries quickly, she moves to a another city and a while later I see her again. Now this has all come true. Our bond was and is very close and I felt an unconditional love towards her, which I experienced as the most beautiful and finest thing I have ever experienced in my life. I was 30 at the time and she was 17. Last summer I saw her read my card on the internet on the beach. If she wants to make an appointment with me in this life to meet each other in the next life, I will feel very happy. (Unknown)