Q1347. What do you know about him or her?


Is there evidence that your band really exists? Name it 3?

Answer 1
applies to me, of course, does not apply to everyone. Every situation is different. What is proof to me: 1: when we were together we were 1. Being totally at ease, knowing how the other person feels and what he thinks. 2: if I become uncertain about our band (we are not in contact for a while) DIRECT will pop up its name somewhere. As if he wants to say, no I have not forgotten you. 3: Although we are not each other’s type, we have a huge attraction to each other. 4: I find this very special, although I have never heard of other twins about it: we have exactly the same physical complaints. (poor sleep, fast stomach pain, back pain in the same place)

Answer 2
Yes, although I rarely or never dream about him, I can no longer deny the (karmic) bond that we have. We have been around each other for more than a quarter of a century, have had a long-standing relationship with each other several times, but almost always had to deal with “opposition” from the outside (and I do not mean any other relationships with that although that has sometimes happened) We both have walked away more often than once, and both have waited for the other, sometimes for years, and we have been able to let go of each other in pain but our love has let go. The energy between us is huge, can be very beautiful, but it can also be very tense if we don’t know what to feel. He brings out the best in me but also my deepest fears, the emotional rollercoaster … I read all my own feelings in his eyes. He is my equal (ultimate mirror) but also my opposite. In the intervals of sometimes a few years in which we had no contact, we always developed the same habits, lifestyle, so that we always fit together like two puzzle pieces. Although we have hurt each other more often, there was always understanding and love remained unconditionally present. We are a common thread in each other’s lives and we keep meeting each other, even though that has not happened at all for a few years. We feel each other’s emotions at a distance. The sexual attraction between us has been huge, always been and always has been. In addition, there is so much trust and love between us that it is almost embarrassing. This is a love that touches me so deeply that I still sometimes tend to walk away from it but I would just walk away from myself …