Q0587. Binding or abandonment fear?


How is it possible that someone with fear of attachment meets their twinflame? I have been troubled by fear of attachment all my life. For a little while I was troubled by Spanish anxiety, there had to be a “back door” to escape if it wasn’t would go well. Reservation. And of course I am confronted with a twinflame. And I am taught the cosmos that I must learn to merge with another. met?

Answer 1
Turns around; do not see it as a problem but as an opening. moreover you name it so it is now possible to tackle it for you. it may help to know that every twin has bind fear because of the huge bang it gets. (and that’s shit for the other). if you make contact with nature and meditate you will find your way back; that is already so well known that you read it everywhere. you can also choose not to do anything (earthly) with it, to let it run until a follow. times ?; that’s your excuse; here is also an excuse, so run if you have to. (where to actually? the follow experience with? end / karma?) who tells you which (last?) life you are sitting in; you know best yourself. but know that love can also help with fear of attachment !!!, you will never encounter anything more sweet; it also makes you much more pleasant; very understanding, aware of everything around you. love from (a twin who has already struggled with many fears but has left the last, craziest pieces to the last, and is now working with that, yuck must, is afraid) success. (Unknown)

Answer 2
For me, abandonment anxiety was at stake, I was always afraid that someone else would not be able to keep loving me, that it would go away, and now I have learned that people who love me will keep coming no matter what happens and I will come to twinflame against that .. letting go is loving .. and then you will be led over roads back to the heart, to each other (Unknown)

Answer 3
I agree with answer 1, and go one step further, why do you have fear of commitment? fixed somewhere in the first 7 years of your life? then you immediately know why you met your twin and which lessons you had to learn. Maybe your twin has separation anxiety and that is how you get those characteristic attraction and rejection phenomena between twins, hard lessons, but if you are aware it can go quickly. (Unknown)

I was the questioner. I see my fear of attachment as a tool. For life with a twinflame, I agreed that we would work together in this life and that fear of attachment WITH ANY OTHER THAN MY TWIN is a tool, a tool for US, not just for us me. I already knew the answer (I am clear knowing) but I was so curious about the reactions. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Yes I agree with answer 3. I also think that that is what you could look at, what the lesson is, and you are already well on your way! (Unknown)

Answer 5
Dear questioner … should you learn in this life that you must learn to connect with someone other than your twin so that your soul grows? that you have to fuse with another person than your twin? is that possible? I have learned to let go of my twin but what the intention is, it is still a bit of coffee I have spent my entire life learning to let go actually, nevertheless the people who have always loved me keep coming..lovely but very difficult lesson.
See my own fear in my question, still a little scared unfortunately. (Unknown)

Answer 6
To answer 5: No, I am NOT supposed to connect with anyone else. It is the ultimate intention that I connect with my twin. Hence I received a number of planet positions in my birth chart that indicate a hefty birth fear of bonding with other partners. Those planetary positions can be seen as tools. It was never intended that in this life I would connect myself with someone other than my twin. I now know that. Everyone thought I had gone too far in independence, haha! Since I met my twin a few years ago, that fear of attachment has been transforming into an urge to attach with my twin. You can also see this in the horoscope. snow for the sun,

Answer 7
Binding / abandonment fear all dead but when you get through it / it gives freedom and then you know what you want, a twinflame meeting teaches you .. I learn better to go for my feelings, because if I don’t feel follow then I lie to myself .. well scared but I do it anyway. It is like learning to walk for a toddler; few steps and you fall, cry, pull you up on a leg or a table leg and continue, fall again, cry, give up, rest, but still you continue to explore that larger world and at a given moment can you do it .. walk (live), with a tear and with a smile .. grtjs (Unknown)

Answer 8
yes I agree with I believe answer 7; small steps. first connect with nature; then little more with people, superficial in your neighborhood; then with friends etc … (Unknown)

Answer 9
To answer 8 yes small steps, from the connection with your twin, so the other way around! love broadcasting all this through spiritual bond that i now have with twin. there was always love in nature, now I find everything even better, rather. (Unknown)

Answer 10
Hi 9; that does not matter, love feeling for source can come through 2 ways; but … there is only 1 source. all those enlightened types who want to make ‘contact’ with ‘the source’, have the same source; they have not only discovered through love for a twin, but also through love through meditation, nature, etc. … (unknown)

Answer 11
Answer 10, very well, there is only 1 source and that is what everyone and everything is looking for, all beliefs around the world, all enlightened characters, we accidentally discovered it through the encounter with twin. Unfortunately, many people do not get farther than halfway and join one or another religious community or cult, thereby seriously jeopardizing yourself and being blocked in your further development. Stay with yourself, do it your own way, only you know what is best for you. Love from me (Unknown)

Answer 12
I am also in the middle of (his) fear of attachment and (my) abandonment fear with my twinflame. Pushing and pulling creates distance, only releasing brings together. But oh dear, I have had a ‘trouble’ with letting go of the word. Because I have little to no patience and I wait and wait until he realizes that no fear of commitment is needed. You just cannot simply brush away a ‘past’. He didn’t either. We are now a year and a half further and for the first time we have said to each other ‘we will see’. Independently see if we want to continue together. How hard is that? I feel his moods, his sorrow, and see him approaching me in many earthly signs. It is quiet in my head but my love for him glows in my heart. I am sure he is transforming now, I can feel that and that is why I know; I have to learn to be patient and learn to let go. (Unknown)

Answer 13
How recognizable again … I have to let go and he just the other way around. we thought we were there and we now say we will see .. and really I can do it alone, I can handle it but oh how I would like to say this to him .. (Unknown)