Q1344. Weak to each other, what now?


It’s been going on for over a year now. The vague relationship between me and my twinflame. Vague because he doesn’t want a relationship because of things he has experienced. Both in his youth and in previous relationships. There is an extreme sexual tension between us and that is why we have often shared the bed with each other. You may believe that this is the stupidest thing to do, but it is no different. He is also bothered by that. We have tried to let go of each other a few times. Because he doesn’t want a relationship. But when we saw each other again, there were those sexual desires again. These are intense that there is no fighting. Neither of us. I feel very guilty because I have feelings for him. These do not become less, rather more. We sense each other remotely, think exactly the same about things. He always wants to see me, says he misses me, talks a lot about me to friends and family. What should I do, let him go or confront him and make him realize that he should not be afraid of his feelings?

Answer 1
I am a strong believer in communication. Try to talk to each other about all this, but be warned – it is often not easy. You may get a counter-reaction or outright denial – but if this is a real soul bond, you will always come back together. Getting stuck in uncertainty is never good. Good luck.

Answer 2
I am also in this situation he has fear of attachment, had relationship, then again friends, then closer together and now he has someone else, he denies feelings he denies everything. I know that he is my soulmate / tz. I have already been trying to find distractions and indeed as I read a lot here I have not forgotten myself and talk a lot to friends but it is not easy, I know through mediums that we will come together again but that I have to accept friendship now, I really hope that this ever turns out, mss someone tips for me.