S320. What it has brought me feels like true soul love


I have had the feeling for 1 man all my life, he used to be my first boyfriend, now I have been married for a long time, but I have known all my life that he was going to play a role in my life.

I met him again on the internet, we shared a lot with each other, I could talk to him, went so naturally, decided to see each other again.
What a familiar feeling when I saw him, there stood the man who was with me all my life …

Although he was my first boyfriend, I also know that he is the love of my life. This while we are both so different, what a click it was, not to explain.

I am married, and I could not explain to my husband what was going on, it was all secret, not correct, but it happened to me during a difficult period, and he was always there, could talk to him as well, like a We were drawn to each other through the magnet, the feelings I had with him, the feeling of intense desire, jitters in your stomach.

The feeling between us was so strong that at some point he actually had me on the trail of choosing, he wanted me back. While this didn’t play for me. I was married and the mother of a family. Hadn’t thought about this at all.
In the meantime he happily lived on it, which was very difficult for me to accept. While it makes sense, his life went on too.
The feeling came to stand between us, we were given words, after which he threw everything in, and informed my family. The only reason he could indicate was that he wanted me.
I chose my family, but the love is so strong that I was able to forgive him.

The love relationship was born again because he had never left, the feeling was always there, yet I also know that I will never be able to have a future with this man, he is not that easy, but the unbearable longing for him.
Being busy with this person in your head for 24 hours even hurts.

Contact what we have now consists of an occasional text message and he has now indicated that he would like to call me.
I would prefer to get our contact back, while on the other hand I know that this is completely wrong.
I no longer feel complete, or that part of myself has been amputated …

What it has brought me feels like true soul love, it brings me a lot of unrest, you are in mind all day long, you yearn for him so intensely.

The best thing there was between us, the friendship, not to explain, sharing it together, being able to cry together, counting down the days that you see each other again. Feel know when he is texting.

With eroticism, tenderness has never felt so intense with someone else, feeling like you’re floating.

I find it hard to care so much about someone.
Knowing that you belong together, but also knowing that it is not possible. Difficult to make your mind stronger than your heart.

We had an intimate relationship again for almost 5 months, felt very bad towards my family, but on the other hand this was such a piece of our own, not to explain.
The feeling has really come between us, the problem was that I really fell in love with him again.

I will never experience such love with another person again, we both know that we have a very special place in our hearts for each other.

I love him to the depths of my soul.

I hope to be able to give it a place someday, it would be so eager to let go, but it is so deeply rooted in me that I cannot do this.
I know that no one else can do this for me, I hope that someday I will get stronger myself.