Q1339 Coping with so much pain?


Dear readers, My twinflame has been in my life for 4 years. We have a nice friendship. I will literally go through the fire for her but now it comes she is already in a relationship. Every day I am confronted with this when we are together, it is nice and cozy, but as soon as she walks out the door there is intense sadness. I can no longer sustain this to hurt myself so much. So much pain. How do you handle this help me !!! Am desperate!

Answer 1
Going through the pain even though it is unbearable.

Answer 2
Choose yourself. Focus on yourself and not on the other. Go for long walks in nature. Be kind to yourself. I also went through this myself. But it will become lighter for yourself in the long run. You will notice that you will look at it differently. And that you don’t need the other. Then you are free. And grown a long way.

Answer 3
I recognize it from thousands. I also went through this myself and I think that I am finally ready to feel deep inner love instead of pain (and yes, that is really a tearing pain) when he says goodbye. Gratitude also that sometimes I may see him, that he visits me, and that we may see the light in each other’s eyes. Know that that pain passes as you progress in the process of soul love. I, too, know for 4 years that the man I have been in love with almost all my life (around the age of 18) is my twinflame. I went through the whole roller coaster and sometimes still. But I notice that I am growing, that there is progress. And that will happen to you too. Try to live from love, try to feel her at a distance and send her sweet thoughts. That arrives at her and will help you get together.