P0713. A thousand questions come through my mind


You are a few meters away from me
We talk and look at each other for a moment
What is said is not even important
to hear your voice and to feel your energy
That is what I always long for
And now you are here, completely and briefly with me alone
Thousand questions shoot through my mind
But I don’t ask
How should I ever tell you how I really feel
What you unleash in me?
How could I ever do that
without my whole life falling apart?
This is impossible and we both know
It is cruel and hard but I am not free
You can go wherever you want
But deep in your heart you are always with me
In my mind I wrap my arms around you and kiss you softly
I want more, much more, more of you
Melt when you smile at me
Thinking of the evenings when you made a fire for me and we drank wine
I get a feeling of nostalgia and melancholy
Those times seem to have sunk so far away