P0780. Farewell to my everything


I will continue without you.
I don’t know if that will work, but I am
very sad.
You were the one who burst into my life,
you said you loved me,
you even asked me to marry you three times,
and you made it complete because you also wanted a child of mine,
did you not care you said all those things?
You swore on Allah and everything you loved
that it was all the truth.
It touched me deep in my heart,
breaking the code of my heart.
You knew for sure we belong together,
you felt it deep inside and what your feeling said was true!
The feeling is real,
But why is our contact so bad?
I don’t know anymore,
I don’t understand anything anymore.
I will now continue with my life,
that is my plan.
Saying goodbye to you will never go completely,
because every night in my dreams I see you again and again.
You hold me there and you soothe me,
you touch me and you kiss me.
In a different time,
a different life,
maybe I’ll meet you there again.
But for now, letting go of you is all I can do,
if God says you belong together and all this belongs to His plan,
then I can say my love,
I am waiting for you,
until then.
I’m fine, my dear,
take care of yourself.
I love you…