Q1323. Reconnecting connection with own partner … how?


Hello experience experts I hope. I am the partner of someone who has met his soul love, he and I both do not know how to deal with this now … I feel so put aside and put myself offside as a result of which the connection between the two of us is really gone … .Gun him this and would also like him to enjoy it, so put myself outside … feel very sad in our relationship has been good for 27 years and we have stood for hotter fires but this has such a big impact on both of us … pff … I just read in an answer that I have to let them go and give them love … .. Try to do it that way and see how it will go but it doesn’t feel really nice … .Can also stand in between as a kind of referee….

Answer 1
If it is true soul love, they will respect you in everything and never want to hurt you. Nice that he is open to you about it. I have not been able to do this to my partner yet, although I hope that he will respond just like you and will be open to it. It is best to work on yourself and to be more certain of yourself and the love of your partner towards you. Then nothing can go wrong, but it is not easy … no strength!

Answer 2
It is very understandable that you do everything you can not to lose it. I also came across my twin myself. When I looked into his eyes, it looked like being in love. Much later, I realized that it is a completely different kind of love that I feel. But it has nestled very deeply in my heart. Something that no longer disappears. I am drawn to the person like a magnet. It is then as if my instinct prevails. His wife also did everything to ensure that we did not get in touch with each other. And I don’t blame her at all. At some point both parties (TZ) will have to realize that personal growth is only possible by being able to live independently of each other. I still have a lot of trouble with that. But I know that it will make me stronger. Your husband will have to control himself.