Q1203. How to go further?


How can I ever find another partner if he is constantly panting in my neck. Not that I will ever fall in love with someone else again. I really don’t like having experienced this. He continues his life nicely and I constantly feel his energy, have dreams, see images feel strange things in my lower abdomen. I’m constantly tired. I have heartache, I am afraid of touch, as soon as someone touches me, even if it is my mother, I become hostile. I know this cannot be my feeling. How can I ever live on if I constantly feel it so intense and get images? So many nasty things have happened between us. I just want him to leave my system. I just want to be able to enjoy my life again. I want to be able to go outside without suddenly bursting into crying for no reason, or feeling rushed or nervous. First I get images then a heartbeat and then I seem to be connected to a kind of thread that goes to my lower abdomen and what happens next there is hard to explain. It is a kind of tingling or contraction. Does it feel different than having butterflies in your stomach does anyone else have experience with this?

Answer 1
Accept and then continue. you can’t do anything about it because your soul love has exactly the same thing. He also does not have his moments from now. They are phases that you are in, that phase that you are completely done with it, I have already passed. It is a process; if you go up it becomes easy, if you work against it then it becomes difficult. That’s how I experienced it. See the fun of it, have fun. Good luck.

Answer 2
The only true universal truth that has always heard from you throughout lives is your soul love.
As long as you don’t see who is really important to you and makes you truly happy and complete, you will always retain the feeling.
Do you want your life to always be unhappy in a relationship and always run into everything.
Your soul love is the key in your lock. Write him in a letter what you feel for him and he will certainly contact you or he will write back.
A lot becomes clear to him. Good luck.

Answer 3
Sweetheart even though I don’t know you, I would like to tell you something 
I recognize so much in your story about my situation with me and my twinflame.
I did not want to and could not accept it, I was very stubborn, stubborn, ran for it. Also with other boys.
And a signs and signals that I received !!! So yes, that says enough. Things that I thought were important to me came in 2nd place. My life was always upside down after a meeting, so my mind followed. Wasn’t really happy either. Now that I follow my heart and feelings more, I am happier, calmer. Accepting that my twinflame is the most important thing in my life, the one that always makes me very happy when I see him. It’ll be fine!
I hope I have helped something, You can always email me for questions etc. Love

Answer 4
Dear butterfly,
My soul love is also stubborn and runs away fast. But now that I have met her again recently, something has changed in her and she has become calmer. She recently came to me in a dream and asked how old I was. I think it will also be okay and that it still has to have a place in her heart for full acceptance. It’s not nothing like that going on for years. I now know who is really important to me, it makes no sense for me to enter into a relationship with someone else if my soul love flows through it. That only causes frustration. I do not know but I feel and know a little bit that you are my soul love, even if it is just feeling.

Answer 5
Sorry remco that’s not true. My twinflame lives in my neighborhood and that is 100% where I am also merged with it etc. Gr elselina

Answer 6
I read a lot of your stories Remco about your twinflame that she has a relationship and a child? Sorry, I have to disappoint you and my twinflame is also called Liefs Elselina

Answer 7
Answer 2, Nice answer and what if your twinflame has a relationship? Love

Answer 8
You cannot get a soul love out of your system, no matter how much you would like that. Those nasty things are unfortunately caused by fears and have nothing to do with you personally. You are now also in a bit of fear because you doubt his love. These doubts also cost energy. Try to put this aside as much as possible (push away). Try to think that those difficult pieces are there to bring you closer together, to become more aware. You mainly sense your soul love, which also pulls you away at a distance through the difficult process that it is going through. Fears try to keep you apart, be stronger than your fear. If you’re comfortable in your skin, you automatically give
that good energy to your soul love. Gr.