Q1313. How am I supposed to continue?


After 12 years I put an end to my very problematic relationship. Exactly six months later I came to see my twinflame? (with question mark because I am still in doubt) and hit the flame immediately after the first meeting in the pan. Never before have I known such an enormous attraction and chemistry with anyone, on a physical, emotional or intellectual level. It has fed and inspired me in an indescribable way. Half a year after that first meeting, to be precise last weekend, we said goodbye to each other. It was heartbreaking for both of us. There is seven years of age difference ‘between us’. I already have a child. He sees another family ahead of me, but not with me and for his feeling “something is not right” and he feels that this is not the path he has to walk, while in place he also feels that indescribable chemistry and attraction. We both concluded that our break therefore feels unnatural. However, he is undergoing an important development and cannot emotionally commit himself and he does not want that with me either. However, that emotional bond cannot be avoided if we are together. However, I myself have also doubted anything and everything (just divorced, child, etc.) because of my own situation. I have never doubted my feeling for him. I leave him alone now. Try to let him go with all his might, but feel such a big hole, an enormous emptiness and a lot of pain. And he feels very far away and that feels really indigestible, almost wrong, while I’ve never felt so close to anyone before. We too have had a pull-off moment, halfway through the relationship, but then couldn’t let go of each other. I look for a lot of distraction, I have many friends, but I find it extremely difficult to deal with. Advice?
Answer 1
This must be a very intense and sad time for you, think it’s great that you seek distraction and spend time with friends, it may not help much, but at least you ‘just’ live on. Missing a twinflame hurts and months are in fact nothing. It has cost me years. And every time you see someone you are back at zero. Maybe not what you wanted to hear, I understand that. But leaving it alone is probably the best thing you can do, believe me. Sometimes you have to let go. You will feel it yourself when there is time to contact you again if you want. Your journey does not have to end yet. Twinflames stick to each other and often there are several ‘starting points’ and ‘finishes’. Whatever you do, try to stay calm and if necessary let your feelings go strong. Cry, shout, write it down. It is a process and ‘the only way is trough’ I fear. This is what it is all about! your spiritual growth. Hope everything will be alright. I wish you lots of love & light. (Unknown)