Q0706. Why …


Why, why … Being happy with your life, thinking that you have finally achieved everything you want to achieve … a darling of a child who is now 9 months old and just content with the life I had. Why do I meet someone, or rather, why has a path been set out for that person who now makes me terribly insecure and confused? I get up with her and go to bed with her, the lyrics that I hear on the radio drive me crazy. I wait until I have another appointment with her, then it’s okay. the terrible desire to just be with her, to talk together and to see what other common ground we have, there are so many already. my life could have been a copy of hers … experienced the same things (at least part of it) and even more bizarre things that I can’t name but have terribly awakened. I met her out of necessity to make me more flexible and to live without some pains. now I am living with this pain, which on the one hand feels very pleasant and caressing, and on the other hand it squeezes my throat. I miss her every day and I never want to lose her but can I please without this pain?

Answer 1
Why do you ask yourself, why is my whole emotional life upside down while I am apparently so happy with my life. After all, I have everything to be happy, a child, a woman. Yes, dear questioner. That is recognizable to many here. The soul love has come into your life in the form of this girlfriend / wife and she will never leave. Now it’s up to you how to deal with that. I would build a friendship with her and get closer together that way. That is very beautiful. I have that with my twinflame too. Sometimes we do something together (far too little, but good) and that is very nice. He has also started to touch me more recently in a friendly manner that does not offend, but that feels very pleasant to me. Slowly but steadily there is more and more contact between us. I just let fate go, and enjoy every second with him. I have felt guilty long enough. Does not make sense, soul love IS there and cannot be tucked away. I’ll see what it brings me. It is too beautiful to deny and bury. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Answer 1 I notice something: in your answer you show the happiness (woman + child) from outside on the one hand and the happiness (soul love) from the inside on the other, is this correct? So one happiness is stimulated from the outside and the other from the inside. One has to do with a task and the other with a feeling? (Who knows)

Answer 3
Yes recognizable. I also thought I had everything done, and then you meet your twin. The first period I also felt terrible, but after a while it is slowly getting better. Then you sometimes feel terrible, but less often and for a long time. Then, after such a nasty period you will notice that you are always going one step further. It happens to you for good reason and my advice, let it come over you, accept that it is there, do not force anything because it makes no sense, and have no expectations because you have little influence on how it will go is my opinion and experience. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Hi WieWeet, I am in answer 1. Indeed, that is how it feels to me. I myself feel my relationship with my partner as a piece of karma that needs to be redeemed. We had to come together and we had children. Apparently we have something to work with each other. It feels that way on all sides. And let me be clear; there is certainly love, I fell in love at first sight and so did he, years ago. And I still love him. But in addition, I have a soul love to whom I have never said that he is mine. But that it is him I know 100% sure. You can feel that, I don’t have to tell you, do you? Well, and this twinflame band is really focused on feeling, the more intangible, spiritual. I have a telepathic bond with my twinflame that I have with no one, I know things about him that I can’t know. There is a connection that is difficult to comprehend from an earthly perspective. So yes, I see it as two different things. And we as soul halves face the challenge of combining the two and living in a good way with them … (Unknown)