Q1310 Dream, does he let me go or will I let him?


I have dreamed a lot about him, often very nice dreams. He is now moving away from me. It hurts, it hurts a lot but I know that for the time being I don’t have to contact because it is all too much. Now I dreamed last night that I had lost him and was looking. While he normally, when I dream about him, it is normal. So now he wasn’t there and I was looking for him. What can this mean?

Answer 1
Very recognizable. The dreams are actually very clear – you are looking for him and he is not there. Your mind in daily life knows that it has distanced itself and that you should leave it alone for a while – but your subconscious mind has no message. It translates your subconscious fear of letting go / losing it in these dreams. I have searched for my twinflame more often or could not reach him, it was too late, etc. They are all fears that manifest themselves in dreams. But your twinflame is always with you, so don’t let your dreams fool you. But they sometimes feel bad. Write them down, think about it for a moment, but then put them aside. The beautiful dreams will always come back. Strength! (Unknown)

Answer 2
Thank you for your answer! Less than a few weeks later he has been very intensely with me (earthly), we are completely connected again. I’m going to see him again although that may take a while. However, until that time I try to continue my daily life calmly and to be as happy as possible and to be as good and kind as possible to myself.

Answer 3
This is very strange … I was exactly the same I am the one from 1262 and I also had a similar dream in the period that it was so quiet between us. Meanwhile we also have (earthly) contact again and also with us was, and is that, unprecedentedly intense. We too are fully connected again and I also try to continue my daily life because in our case the situation does not allow us to listen to our own feelings and to act accordingly. The events of the past year have taught us that it is better to keep our heads up. We have been seeing each other for some months now with some regularity but are keeping our distance. I am overjoyed and very grateful that he is back in my life, but I notice that I also find it difficult and I have a lot to think about myself. I try to give it the space we need. I have the idea that you are in a similar phase (?) Good luck!

Answer 4
Yes it looks like I’m from 1296 for example .. and just when I’m completely done with it he comes back three times as fast .. I enjoy it now but I know it’s so different again can be, it is also double because I myself am already in a relationship with someone else that I do not want to lose. At least I really believe in it because I just know when I get a message from him, even if I don’t have my phone with me. I just feel it. And so I also feel when I have to leave him alone and, well, it’s too strange! You too have been playing your story for a long time, and mine has only been playing a few years.