Q1307 I don’t understand anything?


I do not understand him, we are now in the process of attracting and repelling. He finds me an attractive, interesting, sweet woman. I take it a step closer and he takes 2 steps back. He says that I am special in his eyes, I have touched his heart. I move 2 steps closer and he steps 3 steps back. I am always clear, set my limits, he is silent, silent. A week later it starts again from the front. I want to understand, I can understand, but it hurts to be rejected all the time. I see him in my dreams, he gives me a tender kiss. I am in the supermarket and get cramps out of the blue, he has been sick. I feel his pain. Why? Why do I feel so much for him and why do I think about him every minute. How long do I have to wait? What should I do?

Answer 1
Unfortunately, nobody can answer the why question for you. I know that all those questions go through your mind and that is not a problem. But you have to decide for yourself how long you want to wait and what you want to do. In any case, try to continue with normal life as much as possible. And express your feelings when it all gets too much. Don’t put them away. You will have to go through this experience. If this person is a soul love – especially if this is a twinflame, he has not just disappeared from your life. Whatever happens, he will always be part of you. And as a twinflame you can learn to cope with it more by half. Lots of light and love for you. (Unknown)