Q1303 Fusion?


Hi everyone, Thanks in advance for all the answers to my burning question. This is a nice warm place where I can tell my story unabashedly. Great initiative (and if necessary!) My twinflame and I have been in the ‘silent period’ for a few months after months of attracting and repelling. In this period of silence, think of her several times every day. In the evening when I am lying next to my partner, I ask my twinflame via telepathy if I can lie with her and sleep with her. I am completely ok with the fact that my partner is my soulmate and that she is my twinflame. However, something strange happened this week. In the morning between sleeping and waking she suddenly stood right in front of my bed. I greeted her and she looked at me extremely seriously, then her body deformed (sort of liquid) and her body entered my body. I fell asleep again. Or maybe I slept all the time? My burning question: what is this? Is this an amalgamation? And how to proceed. This is the most bizarre thing I have ever experienced. Don’t you dare talk to anyone about it. And certainly not dare to call her to talk about it. Tips / advice? Thank you very much!

Answer 1
That is possible, usually a fusion is experienced with light. I speak (not yet) from experience, but from what I have read here. I recognize myself in your story, only differently. I was just awake and still sleepy, and suddenly I saw two figures (I can’t remember exactly what they looked like) and they melted together into one. My Twin Soul was in my mind at that time, as it always is. Your story is beautiful! (Unknown)

Answer 2
Yes, I think this was an amalgamation! A few years ago I had the same thing with my twinflame but then our heads and upper bodies melted together in a pink light, very intense. This also happened early in the morning and I was in between waking and sleeping. That day I saw him on a birthday and wondered if he had felt it himself. I never dared ask him. I also think that the other person does not always have to remember because it goes through the subconscious. Isn’t it special that things like this happen between twinflames? Love, another twinflame. (Unknown)

Answer 3
I think not everyone experiences the fusion in such a way. I wonder what the reason is. Did I think that this may have something to do with the difference whether you actually experience the fusion through physical contact (sex) or in this energetic way? No idea, I thought this might be a logical explanation. (Unknown)