Q1292 Spiritual sex?


Better or worse than earthly sex? I have to say that I find the sexual sex better than the earthly sex. Everything is much easier and there is enough creativity. I have also experienced the earthly sex but I find the astral sex much more exciting and creative. And you? Do you have that too?

Answer 1
Sometimes I feel like I’m off with someone. But can’t that be my own imagination? How do you experience it (Unknown)

Answer 2
No I think it is really not an imagination that you are dealing with. I know that 100% sure It is all lifelike and so intense and magnetic. The feeling is much stronger than an earthly touch. Sometimes I also become real horny after a wild astral night as I wake up early in the morning. It’s a different level of pleasure and love. (Unknown)

Answer 3
First I feel tingling in my legs. Then it is as if I am being caressed in my stomach. What follows is energy that I feel between my lower limbs and belly. A little later it is as if I am getting high and I feel a love where I also get horny. How does it feel for you? (Unknown)

Answer 4
That’s how I feel! (Unknown)