Q1049. Other love?


Wait for my twinflame for 3.5 years. In the meantime, my biological clock is ticking, I wonder if we will come together in this life and I often feel gloomy. Now I am wondering: perhaps the intention is to let go of my twinflame and to enter into a relationship with someone else. Maybe I have things to learn from another love. And: if we are ever together again forever, it is also a good idea to experience beautiful things with a different love until that time. In addition to the name of my twinflame, I also come across the name of another man as a sign. Does anyone have experience with this and has someone opened themselves to another love while waiting for twinflames? Also because of a wish for children?

Answer 1
I do not have that experience myself. I also don’t have the feeling that I want another one. The other man – do you feel a deep love for that? Or do you only have a name? Otherwise I would not start. That biological clock seems a problem to me if you have a child wish. My experience is that I am not happy about recalculation. Then I get into a grief that I don’t have to have. I prefer to think about tomorrow – life can change completely in the blink of an eye. You don’t know what you can experience tomorrow. Go live, and then life may give you the answer.

Answer 2
My twinflame is in exactly the same situation as you; he now has a new girlfriend with whom it seems to be very serious. They are even talking about getting married and having children … and although that is quite difficult for me as his twinflame to hear (and see) I also know that he does exactly the same as I did years ago. I also had a huge desire to have children, I was married to my childhood love and that must have been difficult for him. Only now do I see that mirror. I agree with him that he is working on his own happiness, objectively speaking. And I should also welcome that because you naturally want the very best for your twinflame. But my feeling is sometimes different unfortunately. I feel bad, sad, pushed aside, even denied. But in my heart I know this is not true. He only takes charge of his own life and goes further where there are no possibilities with me. That makes perfect sense. Eventually this path will lead to us together, I have learned that. So my advice to you is not to put your life on hold for your twinflame but to become happy with someone else until the time is right for both of you. It is not yet the intention that you come together or it would have happened. Love. It is not yet the intention that you come together or it would have happened. Love. It is not yet the intention that you come together or it would have happened. Love.

Answer 3
My twinflame entered into a different relationship. I was very sick of it .. But he also granted it. Believe more in unconditional love in giving and trust. that’s how it felt. Then I met another man. soul level. In love. Trust and love. Similar. But without the lightning strike. Only he has a terrible disease. I just know him and he doesn’t recognize me within 1 year. See .. smell .. and feel its course. He’s in the negative phase. Feel and know everything. Very sad. But could have continued with him. Real love too. .. So it is possible. For real.

Answer 4
Yes, my tz released me and afterwards I met a man I love almost as much as my tz Have the suspicion that he is a soulmate. We fight less than I did with my tz, but the love for each other is almost as great. I miss my tz a lot less because of him and there are already days that I don’t think about my tz. So there is hope.

Answer 5
I think you should follow your feelings in this, even if your feelings say less fun things. I was in a relationship when I found out that the nice man who had been haunting my mind for a while is my twinflame. But I still had a wish for children. After thinking about it, I went for it and had another child. Well, I am happy with my choice because I now know that I am not coming together with my twinflame for the time being, and I still had a wish for children. It is now fulfilled. Perhaps you will get a love affair with the man you are now receiving signs about, but you may also get signs about the man with a different intention. In addition to twinflames, I now also get signs about another man, who also haunts my mind. What I have to do with that is not yet clear to me. But that will come naturally.

Answer 6
Don’t think negatively … it just takes longer! He is also attracted by positivity. Currently your twinflame still needs to learn a lesson with this woman. You are currently also in your transformation process. Do you want a child because you want a child or do you want a child from the person you love? Investigate what you really want and follow your feelings in this. Find out why you get signs from this man. Push your fear away so that you get more clarity. It is not really the intention if your twinflame is in a relationship that you are also “obliged” to enter into a relationship. I have never been able to commit myself or give myself to another man, the feeling for my twinflame is too strong for that. I also have a wish for children and I am not open to another father.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 7
I have found one, a new love! Had to wait a long time, but my patience was rewarded. Also with my new love my heart gave me a “signal” and I was overloaded with love. Having a twinflame does not get in the way of that feeling, I was afraid of that at first, but that appears to be unfounded fear. I am very close with my new love. I have no contact with my twinflame, but he is welcome as a good friend. All seems to go very well together in terms of feeling, however strange that may seem in advance.

Answer 8
Why not love your twinflame who knows you so well about the good and bad things. Who else do you meet who know you so well?

Answer 9
Finally after 4 years of clumsy years with my twinflame, I had Dec. put a definitive point behind our contact. I could do no more than let him go. I now have attention for a man who makes my heart skip a beat. This man bears the same name as my twinflame. To tell you the truth; it doesn’t bother me that it is. I had contact with my twinflame a month ago, what I saw was not good. Only self-pity and a demonstration of victim role. That made me realize that we are not coming back together. We are no longer on an equal level. That will lead to many conflicts that I no longer want to be in. What is strange is that I now feel it all day long. It just doesn’t bother me much anymore. Get well soon.

Answer 10
I have that too, my twinflame can be stolen from me. Same reason.