Q1282 Is this normal?


I was just busy with my daily domestic chores, when suddenly I heard a voice. It was as if someone was talking to me. The voice seemed to come from above and only speak to me because there was no one else in the room. The voice told me to do something, to go somewhere. “Go there now, and you will see him.” “Him,” I assumed that to be my twinflame. I did what the voice said, since I had never experienced this before. And yes. I met him there. I find it a bit scary. It felt like someone was watching me, and it looks like I’m going crazy. What is this anyway? Is this normal?

Answer 1
Dear questioner, No, you are not going crazy, and you do not have to be afraid either. What is going on is that your sensitivity is increasing and you are now seeing these things. That is part of the process of soul love and is normal. I think you’ve heard your guide (s) speak and that’s nothing to be afraid of. They always have the best for you and act out of pure love. How wonderful that you met your twinflame when you followed the instructions! That proves once again how wise they are “up here”. Keep listening and watching the signs that come your way, then you will get very far! (Unknown)

Answer 2
No, you’re not crazy at all. Sometimes it just works that way. Before we (Edmond and I) came together, I had a 27-year relationship. I had met him and I doubted that I would inform my husband at the time. I knew my twinflame for about two months. One day I was mowing the grass and suddenly heard a very clear voice that rose above the noise of the grass machine. The voice said “You are going to tell today!” I was shocked, let go of the mower, it fell silent and I looked in all directions, but no one was there. I am a sober person and I am not used to these things, but I have done what the voice told me. Edmond and I lived together within a month of this event. We have now been together and happily married for almost 9 years.