Q1280 Reference?


Recently my mother broke into a pack of coal when I went to see her. What is special about that, you will think. Due to congestion, I constantly think of my Twin Soul. I helped unload the groceries and then, just when he was the most in my mind, I saw two flames on the suit, male and female, entwined. I assumed I didn’t get to see this picture for nothing. Has anyone else experienced anything like this before? I think it is one of the nicest signs I have experienced so far. Thanks in advance.

Answer 1
Oh yes, and so many more characters! I’m overwhelmed with it. Especially when I am traveling by car (I am a co-driver and have all the time to watch). License plates with messages from or about my twinflame, numbers, roadside billboards, you name it. It is always wonderful and in silence I express my gratitude for so much clarity. It is certainly no coincidence that you saw those little flames. Once you have an eye for it, you will see much more and everywhere you go. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Yes I had seen something in the tram 2 days after I had last seen and spoken to my twinflame. I was sitting by the window and suddenly he was between me and the window, I was pushed to the center! My son who sat next to me was almost pushed out of his seat in the aisle. He said, “Hey, why are you doing that?” I said, “I’m not doing anything, it’s going to happen.” He was also behind me the day before, when I was sitting in front of the desktop computer. I could not push back on my seat! After a minute he was gone again. This is called “morphic fields”. He probably thought very strongly about those moments and a morphic field was created. (Unknown)