Q1279 Twinflame, signs and dreams?


I have known my twinflame since I was 7. I always thought it was (calf) love at first sight. Now, 26 years later, I know better. I have always kept a distance from my twinflame. Because I used to be very shy, unbalanced and frightened (my Ego was in charge of me), I couldn’t handle getting in touch. My twinflame always seemed very balanced and I seemed to get energy from him. Over the years he has always been somewhere in the background. Via via I received unsolicited information about him. Or he had visited people I knew. Or friends with someone with whom I had a date.Since a number of years I dream more and more about him. In the first instance, those dreams were about finding out what I always felt for him, or that I didn’t want this. I was in denial and pretended that everything was fine. I woke up sad every time. Then I got dreams in which he visited me and contacted me. His love for me showed in a letter. Gave me his phone number. I also wanted to run away for this. My twinflame is happily married and has twins. The last series of dreams were about cheating and guilt. We got into a fight because of this. Only a month ago I “recognized” him as my twinflame. When I got a message from my best friend telling me that my twinflame was 10 meters away from her at a flea market, with his own stall, I didn’t hesitate and went to see my girlfriend. That whole time I had energy for 100. This was the first step for me to investigate “why”. With the conclusion: twinflame. My twinflame knows nothing. As far as I know, he is happily married and everything is in balance with him. Since I know he is my twinflame, I no longer dream about him. My “emptiness”, my “wound” of him have been missing all those years, I give all the love I have. And what I have left I send to him. This is where I feel happiest. Who recognizes this (TZ happily married and you happily single, no contact only through dreams / astral) and wants to share his / her experiences with me?

Answer 1
I really want to share my experience with you! I recognize your story completely, including the dreams. Since 2003 I also had a lot
vivid dreams and astral encounters with my twinflame. I did not know then that he was my twinflame, that was only in 2009! I still have those dreams but much less often. As if it is less necessary, everything that needs to be “said” and made clear is said in dreams by him and by me. He wrote me two poems in my dreams, literally said that we are twinflames and that he loves me. So in that regard it is clear. But …. in real life I don’t know if he realizes it. I have indications, but I never dared ask him. Also because I am the half of us, married and with children. So that makes it hard to just discuss it. However, at the subconscious level, he knows it as well as I do and I have received signs that we, come together in the distant future. Until then we both have a lot to grow and learn. I see my twinflame regularly and just like you get energy for 100, when he is around I feel so good. It seems as if our souls click into each other as soon as we are together. Enjoy it intensely, it is the most beautiful thing there is. Not easy but beautiful. And twinflames always, ever, come together!