Q1271 Why such a fight?


I now have a relationship with a man where I soon felt like coming home. We look at each other and then we are ok. Yet this year we have had a lot of struggles and I notice the amount of struggle he has in himself. he is also aggressive, rude and manipulative. It feels like deep love, but I can’t take it anymore. It’s like breaking my true love. For foolishness, I went to a fortune teller who just talked about this love. He said that our love is so strong and nothing can break it. What is it that your heart is so clear and yet it is such a struggle?

Answer 1
I think it has to do with fear you both dare not cross that threshold. (Unknown)

Answer 2
How strange it is that people stick to drama and keep confirming each other in it. It is the world upside down. Dramatic stories have made us misunderstand what twinflames really are. I think a soulmate is offered to learn to let go before encountering the true twinflame. Many people, however, become entangled in the drama they experience with this soulmate and sincerely think that it is the twinflame. When you let go of the alleged twinflame, the drama and the accompanying emotions, you make room for your true twinflame. Aggression, manipulation, etc … are traits that are by nature totally absent from true twinflames. When one of them is not in harmony, the other rushes to restore it.

Answer 3
I read the book Twin Flames: A True Story of Soul Reunion by Antera and the way in which she described the aggression of her twinflame did not lie, she had to flee regularly. In the end it was all right, but it took years. With a lot of patience on her part. Twinflames can trigger a very dark side that has not yet been processed (?) Together. (Unknown)

Answer 4
If you can no longer cope, you just have to think about yourself and cut it down. That may sound very simple but if he manipulates you and even behaves aggressively, that is not okay and you should certainly not accept that, twin or not. In fact, I cannot imagine that it is your twin who exhibits such behavior towards you. In that regard, I agree with answer 2, which is also the first thing I thought. I know from my own experience that a love can feel very deeply with a man who has such traits, but a soul love is a relationship on a very different level. Anyway, set your limits and choose for yourself, continuing with him will certainly not make you happy in this way. Strength with it! I (I)