Q1258. Contradictory if you are married?


The desire and the lack. It seems so contradictory if you are married. At the same time it is so different. I wonder if people recognize this, and what they have / have done with it.

Answer 1
Yes, that feels contradictory and wrong. It is not allowed, according to our earthly laws. You should not want anyone else if you are married or in a relationship. But when you meet your twinflame, nothing remains of earth laws. Then you feel unconditional love, you are blown off your pedestal. Then you have to reinvent it all. I myself have been on the road for over 3 years now and am now so far that I can love two men without feeling guilty. I am married to one and I have fallen in love with the other since I was 18 years old. It became clear to me that this was not an ordinary crush, when it never passed and I learned that we had ridiculously much in common, dreamed telepathically about him, and that we sometimes seem to be one and the same person. We have never had anything together, even though I know he would like that too. But our time is coming.

Answer 2
It is a different and deeper level of love that goes through everything. Go by your feeling that makes you happy. It is so difficult that you are married, but you always have a choice.

Answer 3
I have the same problem, I would not even want something with my twinflame. but it doesn’t feel fair. Sometimes you don’t know what to do with it for days, and sometimes I see it as an addition to my current relationship. Now that is not going really well either, so sometimes I am completely in a sort of split… I try to see the beauty of it, to keep it to myself, and see where time brings us / me.